How to Prepare for a Spectacular Performance Season: 5 Essential Steps for Arts Organizations

performance season

As the new year quickly unfolds before us, arts organizations are gearing up for an exciting performance season ahead. At Confluence Arts Solutions, we understand the intricate balance between artistic passion and practical business acumen. We recognize the unique challenges non-profit arts organizations face and are committed to equipping them with the tools and support necessary to thrive. To get you on the right track towards an incredible year, here are five essential steps to ensure a successful launch of your upcoming performance season. 

1. Season Planning and Coordination:

By the start of the year, the performance season should already be meticulously planned. This includes finalizing the lineup of shows, acquiring rights, securing venues, and establishing performance dates. All logistical details should be ironed out to ensure a seamless execution leading up to and after your announcement. There is so much to do that depends on this information being solidified to move forward. If this is not complete already, please make this the top of your priority list!

A tip for planning upcoming seasons in future years: We recommend this information be planned and set by the fall, something like October if possible!

2. Building Landing Pages and Crafting Compelling Copy:

It’s crucial to create captivating landing pages for each show, providing a sneak peek into what audiences can expect. Additionally, compelling copy for all shows needs to be written and approved (and this takes time!). This includes show descriptions, artist bios, and any promotional material. 

We like to think of your landing pages as the storefront for your tickets. It is where you have control over what your potential ticket buyers see and can hopefully convince them to purchase based on what you show them! Educate them on their experience at this performance, entertain them with sneak peeks or behind the scenes, and answer their questions so all they have left to ask is “how many tickets can I get!?”

3. Planning Photo and Video Shoots:

High-quality visuals are essential for effectively marketing your performances. By organizing photo or even video shoots early in the year, you can capture captivating images and content to be used in promotional materials, social media posts, and marketing campaigns. 

Make sure this content tells a story! As above, educate, entertain, answer questions, and show them in multiple ways why they want to see this performance. A pretty picture isn’t always enough!

4. Conceptualizing Beyond Show Dates:

Arts organizations should look beyond the show dates and consider the broader impact of each performance. This could involve planning outreach events, educational programs, or collaborations to maximize community engagement and long-term impact. 

Relationship building is so important when it comes to making someone a life-long fan. This is done through forging meaningful connections that align with your mission and genuinely being a part of your community. 

5. Timely Completion by February:

All these preparations should be completed by February to pave the way for a mid-March to early April launch. This timeline will help to ensure ample time for marketing and promotion leading up to the performance season, which typically begins in the fall. 

Don’t forget this is a big job! When you have a team of people with their own tasks as a part of launching the season (on top of their daily tasks), these things cannot wait until the last minute. Make sure everyone has ample time to do what needs to be done without overwhelming their workload! 

Check out our TikTok video on the importance of planning ahead! Let’s save the fires for the things we can’t plan for!

Recap: How Do You Prepare For a Successful Performance Season?

It’s not uncommon for your season launch preparation to sneak up on you. Let’s face it, there are a million things you are faced with daily as arts organizations, and most of the time it feels like it takes everything you have just to tackle your to-do list for each day. Our hope is that with a little guidance, we can help to get you out of that churn and ahead of your season launch planning! 

Try starting with the five steps above and if you are still feeling overwhelmed, consider giving us a call! We are here to support you!

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