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We specialize in the marketing efforts of micro/small arts organizations. If you’re an arts organization with an operating budget under $5 million, then we may be your growth solution.


From Reactive to Proactive Marketing

NOV 30, 2023 |  10am – 2pm | Buffalo, NY

designed to support small, under-resourced, or over-burdened arts and culture marketers by showing participants how to develop efficient systems for effective marketing.

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Depending on your size, we offer either group or one-on-one coaching. A resource to turn to when you don’t know what to focus on next, our coaching program gives you access to experts who answer questions, help triage your most pressing needs and develop strategies and techniques to grow efficiently.


Studies show that marketers with strategic marketing plans are 674% more likely to report success than their counterparts without a plan. That’s why it’s important to have a plan, and we’d love to help you build one. We’ve got courses, workshops, one-on-one coaching, or we can just do it for you.


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One of the hardest things in arts marketing is getting the work done. With this in mind, we offer services to supplement or act as your complete marketing department. From graphic design, social media management, or even helping plan your photo shoots, we offer all things marketing at affordable prices.


Marketing the arts is different - get access to free resources for artists, arts admins & marketers.

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The CAS Story

Born from a need in our industry.

Our founder, Lynette Shy, has worked in the arts & entertainment industry for over 20 years. Throughout her various roles with numerous organizations, one truth became clear: there are not enough resources that understand the unique challenges of small to mid-sized arts organizations. Time, budget, staff; the problems were many, but the solutions were few.  

So CAS was born.  

Confluence Arts Solutions wants to be the solution. Let us fill the gaps and create clear, concise and efficient plans that help you utilize your time, money and people to the best of their abilities. Our passion for providing affordable support frees you up to focus on your passion: creating art and spreading it to all of your audiences new and old.

We Work for Them

Drop the stress!

Working in non-profit arts comes with a lot of baggage: low budgets, small staff sizes, and in our experience too, a lot of tears. Let’s get rid of that being the norm! 

At CAS, we are committed to flipping that script. Our services are here to take some of the stress off of your plate, provide beneficial expertise to make your future workload lighter, and offer one-on-one or self-paced settings for what works best for your organization.

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