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We are a marketing coaching, strategy, and services firm for artists and arts organizations with budgets under $5 million.

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Our Story

born from a need in our industry.

Our founder, Lynette Shy, has worked in the arts & entertainment industry for over 20 years, leading organizations of various sizes in operations,  research, strategy, & implementation.

Through her experiences, she saw a repeating trend. There are not enough resources that understand the unique challenges of the arts industry. Especially, the small to mid-sized arts organizations.

It became her passion to fill this gap and offer much-needed & affordable support to these valuable organizations.

Through that, Confluence Arts Solutions was born.  


Do you have a question about a campaign and you’d like to run it by someone? Maybe you’re wondering when you should start running ads, what type will work best, should you discount, should you not, etc.

We have many different ongoing support services to help you. Have just a few questions, consider booking a single 30-minute coaching session for as little as $125.  Need more help or want ongoing support? Consider a retainer – that makes us available for any questions that arise, allows regular strategy and content planning meetings and can even include full plans or team management.  From as low as $600.

Sometimes you need a little help. From day-to-day operations to special projects to providing temps in between hires, with us to guide your projects, you’ll have access to an expert in your corner, from start to finish. And because we offer these services for several arts organizations across the country, it’s typically cheaper than hiring individually.

We provide support for graphic design, marketing management, social media, advertising, copywriting email support and more.  

What happens if you create this beautiful work of art, but no one knows about it. The awareness of your arts organization is only as good as the strategies you employ. So if you’re overworked (and we know you are), where do you get the guidance, training, and planning you need to set yourself up for long-term success?


If you don’t have time (or the inclination) to create these plans yourself, let us use our expertise and do it for you. Defining your goals and strategy will help you set priorities. That allows you to plan your work and ensure that all efforts are goal-driven. With a documented plan, you can ensure that every bit of effort translates into tangible results.

What do you Need help With?

Tell us your challenges and goals.

You know there are struggles working in the arts. You have limited money, time, and resources.

To thrive, you need to be efficient and strategic in all areas. But what if you don’t have time or the resources to do that right now.  How do you get out of the cycle before the passion turns into burnout?

Let’s start the conversation and get your organization focused and making the most of the resources you do have.

Our Most Requested Services

Create your own custom combination of all our services to fit your needs and your budget

Support Services

Sometimes you need a little help. From day-to-day operations to special projects to providing temps in between hires. We provide support for graphic design, marketing management, social media, email support and more.

Strategic Marketing Plans

If you don't have the time or inclination to create specific marketing, growth or strategic plans, let us use our experience and expertise to do it for you.

Coaching & Managing

Looking for an affordable way to find clarity, guidance and support? Via weekly or bi-weekly calls we will help guide you through the 4 key ingredients to your organizations growth and your peace of mind.

Graphic Design

Affordable design services everything from social media posts to rebranding campaigns to season brochures and advertisements.

Advanced Research

This exploration takes us deep into demographic, lifestyle, financial, and personality research about your audience and customers.

Membership Increase

Step-up plans to increase memberships and subscribers.

Digital Strategy

An overarching plan that connects all aspects of online marketing, so they work well together.

Social Media Management

Together we'll work through how to best manage your social media accounts - whether that be through us, ideas for how you can manage yourself or a combination of both.

Ticket Growth Plan

A complete plan with tools and tactics explicitly designed to help increase your audience, seat upgrades and create repeat customers.


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