5 Big Reasons to Stay True to Your Strategic Marketing Plan this Holiday Season

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At Confluence Arts Solutions, we understand the pressures that small and mid-sized non-profit arts organizations face during the holiday season, and why it may have you rethinking your strategic marketing plan. Many performing arts organizations succumb to the temptation of offering steep discounts and creating holiday-specific content in hopes of boosting short-term revenue. However, we firmly believe that it’s essential to stay committed to your long-term goals and not be swayed by the holiday frenzy. In this blog, we’ll explore why deviating from your strategic marketing plan may not be worthwhile and can potentially hinder your organization’s long-term success. 

1. Focus on Long-Term Goals:

The reality is that the holiday season is just a small part of your organization’s overall journey. It’s crucial to keep your long-term goals in sight and make strategic decisions that align with them. By resisting the pressure to deviate from your plan, you will be able to maintain a clear focus on sustainable growth, audience development, and the overall success of your organization. 

2. Maintain Consistency and Brand Identity:

Your strategic marketing plan is carefully crafted to reflect your organization’s unique brand identity and values. By sticking to your plan during the holidays, you ensure consistency in your messaging and maintain the trust and loyalty of your audience. Deviating from your established brand may confuse your supporters and dilute the impact of your marketing efforts. 

3. Preserve Profit Margins:

Offering steep discounts during the holiday season may seem like a quick way to attract customers, but it can significantly impact your profit margins. Instead of focusing on short-term gains, prioritize sustainable pricing strategies and maintain the value of your offerings. This approach ensures the financial stability needed to support your organization’s long-term goals. 

Plus, as tempting as it may be, running those last-minute holiday discounts ultimately will teach your audience to wait until the last minute to make their purchases. This shift in buyer behavior will decrease your ability to front-load your sales, decrease your overall revenue, and unfortunately can lead to a cycle that is really difficult to break out of!

4. Embrace Authenticity:

When it feels like everyone around you is doing it, we get why creating holiday-specific content may seem like a good idea. However, if it doesn’t align with your organization’s artistic vision or mission, it can come across as forced or inauthentic. It is more important to stay true to your artistic identity and engage your audience with content that resonates with your core values. Authenticity builds stronger connections and fosters long-term loyalty. 

5. Capitalize on Unique Offerings:

Rather than conforming to holiday trends, use the holiday season as an opportunity to showcase your organization’s unique offerings. Highlight the distinct experiences, performances, or events that differentiate you from the competition. Use this time to emphasize what makes you special! Ultimately, you’ll attract an audience that appreciates your artistic vision and is more likely to become long-term supporters. 

Recap: Don't be Tempted by the Holidays to Stray From Your Strategic Marketing Plan!

So, while it may be tempting to follow the crowd and make drastic changes to your strategic marketing plan during the holidays, staying true to your long-term goals is vital. By focusing on your organization’s long-term vision, maintaining consistency, preserving profit-margins, embracing authenticity, and capitalizing on your organization’s unique offerings, you will be setting yourself up for sustained success, no matter the time of year! 

Now, don’t get us wrong! We definitely aren’t saying that you can’t have holiday themed content! It can be very successful, but just make sure that it aligns with your organization’s brand and is part of your overall plan, rather than a last minute addition brought on by peer pressure. Check out our TikTok video were we discuss this further!

At Confluence Arts Solutions, we’re here to provide comprehensive support and guide you through the challenges of the arts sector, ensuring that your organization thrives in the long run. 

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