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Arts Marketing Coaching

Depending on your size, we offer either group or one-on-one coaching. A resource to turn to when you don’t know what to focus on next, our coaching program gives you access to experts who answer questions, help triage your most pressing needs and develop strategies and techniques to grow efficiently.

Arts Marketing Plans

Studies show that marketers with strategic marketing plans are 674% more likely to report success than their counterparts without a plan. That’s why it’s important to have a plan, and we’d love to help you build one. We’ve got courses, workshops, one-on-one coaching, or we can just do it for you.

Arts Marketing Services

One of the hardest things in arts marketing is getting the work done. With this in mind, we offer services to supplement or act as your complete marketing department. From graphic design, social media management, or even helping plan your photo shoots, we offer all things marketing at affordable prices.

Courses & Workshops

From self-paced courses that teach the basics of how to create a marketing plan, to advanced live online training, even in-person marketing intensives. Marketing the arts is different, but we’ve got you covered!

We understand the budget and time limitations you have to work within. So we do our best to keep our services affordable and offer several options for different price points. For the most accurate pricing for you, please contact our team.

Creative Solutions for Creative People

Interested in Learning More?

If one-on-one doesn’t work for you, we have a way for you to still grow with us! Through our workshops, online webinars and courses, and marketing intensives, you can access different levels of our expertise. Choose what works best for your needs! 


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