Arts Marketing Coaching

Think of us as your trusty sidekick, cheering you on and lighting the way.

With our comprehensive coaching plans, it's not just about guidance – it's about action and tangible results. As we stand beside you, not only do we ensure that your vision is intricately woven into every strategy and objective, but we also offer specialized marketing services tailored for your needs. Beyond just crafting plans, we're equipped with innovative insights and methods to connect with every art enthusiast out there. With our combined expertise and services, you'll be creating memorable experiences in no time. And as the arts landscape shifts, lean on us to make sense of the data, ensuring your approach remains agile and ahead of the curve.


1. Have an Arts Marketing Expert as a Resource

Have a question about an upcoming campaign or a tricky comment on social media? Puzzling over where to put your ad budget or if that event next month is the right move? Or maybe you're just double-checking if your website's on point or seeking feedback on a job description. With our private coaching, our team's here to help. We're ready to dive into your questions, prioritize the urgent stuff, and highlight the next big opportunities. Think of us as an extended part of your marketing team. We've dug deep to understand your brand and goals, so whether it's small decisions or game-changing moves, we're here to guide. And having been in similar situations, we genuinely understand the challenges.

2. Build Your Structure & Foundation

Here, we dive deep into your goals, data, challenges, and aspirations. Together, we'll craft tailored systems and methods, forging a data-driven roadmap. This strategy will factor in your staffing, resources, and task management, ensuring it's not only effective but also achievable.

3. Expand & Engage Your Audiences

By fully comprehending your patrons and your organizational framework, together we'll delve into tailored tactics and best practices to keep your current fans engaged and draw in fresh faces. Our goal is to provide a path to steady growth, amplifying your revenue while minimizing time and costs.

4. Delight & Fulfill Your Patrons

In addition to your amazing art, we'll also work to shape your content and create specific campaigns that also delight your patrons and keep your customers coming back. You’ll be provided with tools, concepts, ideas and how-to's that are based on both our expertise in the industry as well as what your specific consumers are responding to.

5. Know what your Data means

It's important to be able to quickly analyze the data and adjust accordingly to achieve maximum results. Especially as it relates to ticket and event sales. You’ll need people in your network who have successfully gone through the process before and who can help you pivot if something isn’t working as well as help you realize the potential of something that is working well. We're here to provide that support.

"Working with Lynette Shy and Confluence Arts has been extremely beneficial for City Ballet of Cleveland. The guidance, suggestions, and feedback offered in each meeting have been invaluable. Lynette and Megan have helped me tranistion into my role as Executive Director of City Ballet of Cleveland with ease and I appreciate the marketing knowledge I have gained working with them."

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