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During our weekly or bi-weekly strategy sessions, we’ll navigate through five key areas essential for your arts organization’s success. As your needs evolve, we’ll adapt our focus, seamlessly shifting between various priorities to ensure every challenge is met with tailored solutions. Our flexible approach allows us to address your immediate concerns while keeping an eye on long-term growth.


In our initial meetings, we’ll zero in on what’s keeping you up at night, pinpointing those big challenges and finding quick wins right off the bat. Then, we’ll gently guide you towards more comprehensive solutions, ones that might take a bit more time to set in place. Our goal? To show you where your efforts will shine, streamline your day-to-day with smart systems, and safeguard your team against the dreaded burnout. We’re here to lighten the load, together.


Get ready to truly understand your patrons—their desires, their needs, and the best ways to engage them. This journey starts with your aspirations, sifts through your data, and even touches on your dreams. We'll work side by side to mold essential strategies and sketch out a roadmap tailored to your unique data and team. You won't be alone; we're here to craft this plan with you, ready to address any questions that pop up along the way.


As you gain a deeper understanding of your patrons and how your organization ticks, we'll guide you towards broadening your audience and achieving tangible outcomes. Together, we'll foster steady growth and consistency, paving the way for increased revenue while saving you time and resources along the journey.


Fine-tuning your message and launching campaigns that resonate becomes a shared journey, connecting deeply with your audience. Keeping those who already admire your work engaged is not just smart; it's cost-effective compared to seeking new followers. With a blend of our industry insights and a keen understanding of your patrons' preferences, you're equipped to make every interaction impactful.


Mastering the art of quick data analysis and making timely adjustments becomes key. Surrounding yourself with experienced allies who've navigated these waters before proves invaluable. They're your go-to for pivoting strategies when needed or doubling down on what's proving successful. With the right support network, you're well-equipped to unlock the full potential of your efforts and steer your organization toward greater success.

Lighten Your Load

Let our team handle certain day-to-day operations for you. Most of these can be utilized as Flex Additions when on level 3 coaching or can be stand-alone projects.


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Your questions answered

Common questions

We specialize in bridging your strategic plans with daily operations, growing and diversifying audiences, planning for seasons and events, and crafting efficient marketing budgets. Plus, we’re here for the everyday marketing needs of small and mid-sized arts organizations.

We specifically price certain products to be affordable to artists and arts organizations based off of their operating budgets.  Please visit our Pricing Page for a better breakdown.   If you still have concerns about affordability please reach out for a free initial consultation, and we can explore grant opportunities and free resources to help get you started.

Our group coaching program is specifically designed for micro, mini arts organizations, and individual artists to offer a cost-effective way to access valuable guidance and support. This setup is ideal for entities at these levels, allowing for shared learning experiences while managing costs effectively. When an organization evolves to what we classify as ‘small’ size, the complexities and nuances of its operations and challenges tend to increase. At this point, we recommend more tailored support that can dive deep into these complexities. This ensures that every organization, regardless of its size, receives the most beneficial form of guidance and support tailored to its specific stage of growth. Our aim is to provide the right environment for each organization to thrive, recognizing the distinct needs at each level of development.

Our main focus is on arts organizations – specifically those under $5 million: theaters, galleries, and cultural groups all aiming to increase their audience reach and use their resources more effectively.  

We’re deeply rooted in the arts sector. With a team that has firsthand experience in arts organizations, we bring a unique perspective that’s both creative and grounded in practical industry knowledge.

Absolutely! At certain retainer levels, we can manage all your advertising needs, including deadlines, Google grant management, and social media ad campaigns. 

We do! While many of our resources are free, such as workshops and social content, we’ve also worked directly with individual artists on a more personalized basis, often supported by grants. Group sessions are also an option.

We use a range of metrics to assess success, starting with your mental health, are you feeling more focused, a bit lighter, and hopefully less stressed.  Then of course we focus on audience growth, engagement rates, ticket sales, and the overall return on your marketing investment.

Expect enhanced audience engagement, smarter use of your marketing budget, an increase in ticket sales, less stress among your staff, and consistent organizational growth. Not to mention, a friend in your corner.  Your job is hard!

It all begins with understanding you: your challenges, objectives, and what makes your organization unique. From there, we develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Starting is simple: reach out for a complimentary discovery call. We’ll discuss your needs and craft a personalized marketing strategy, followed by ongoing support and strategy adjustments. 

Results can vary, but typically you’ll see positive changes within a few months of implementing our strategies.

While marketing is our main focus, our strategies often complement grant writing and fundraising. We also have connections with industry specialists in grant writing and fundraising, and we’re more than willing to make introductions. 

Yes, we offer workshops and training sessions in various aspects of arts marketing, aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of your team.

Our firm is dedicated to the arts and culture sector. We focus exclusively on this industry and do not offer services outside of it.




It all starts with a simple, complimentary no-pressure conversation. This is your chance to ask questions, discuss the specific challenges your organization is facing, and discover how we can make a difference.



Through our collaborative and insightful approach, we'll develop step-by-step, personalized recommendations that align with your goals and resources. This process ensures you feel informed and confident about your organization's journey.



Watch as your organization transforms - with streamlined marketing, optimized resources, and expanding reach. Our goal is to empower you, so the progress you make with us enriches your organization's impact both internally and in the community.

The Key Elements of Effective Arts Marketing


into Organizational Balance & Mindful Growth

The Key Elements of Arts Marketing

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