Envision a partner who transforms your aspirations into action.

A guide who understands the unique dynamics of the arts world and crafts strategic plans that resonate with your mission. That’s us. With our blend of comprehensive industry insight and a tailored approach, we ensure your marketing strategies and plans are not just effective, but inspiring. Beside you, making every plan impactful and every decision count.

The Key Elements of Effective Arts Marketing

A Basic Arts Marketing Plan

Think of our Basic Arts Marketing Plan as your handy roadmap. It helps you focus on what you offer to audiences, get to know your consumers, timelines, and infrastructure needed, and figure out how to reach audiences in the easiest (and least stressful) way possible for you or your team. It's like your compass, pointing you in the right direction to hit those short-term goals and build relationships.

A Full Strategic Marketing Plan

Our Strategic Arts Marketing Plan stands as your cornerstone tool, a bridge between your overarching vision and the daily efforts needed to realize it. Through a deep dive we'll create a complete guide to tell your story, grow and delight your audiences and consumers, and spot how to work through changes and shifts in the arts world.

Elevate your vision, chart your course, and if you need help, we’re here to guide your marketing journey to new heights.


Some examples of plan components

Brand Development

More than just logos and color schemes on your website, your brand is a lasting impression and experience for your audiences that stretches to all touch-points; social media profiles, advertisements, show nights, fundraising events, etc. We love helping our clients deeply develop, organize, and implement a complete brand.

Fundraising Strategies

Let's face it, we will always want more budget to work with! So until we all reach the point where money isn't a concern (what a dream, right!?), fundraising efforts are necessary for our non-profit organizations to thrive. Let us help you develop the most effective campaigns to show your organization's value and bring in more funds.

New To File Ticket Buyer Plans

Everyone loves seeing new faces in the audience, but getting your first time ticket buyers to come back again and again is a real accomplishment. Keeping track of and following up with your newest audience members is a way to ensure the growth of your organization for generations to come.

Digital Marketing Plans

The most effective campaigns are a balance of the correct budgeting, timing, and content for your audiences. We are here to help you develop the plan for your show, event, or season that will spread your work in the best way to new and existing audiences.

Content Marketing Plans

Capturing the right content and delivering at the right time is a skill. Together we can plan a rhythm that your team can ease into, getting the most out of what you already have and moving forward with it.

Organizational Strategic Growth Plan

Translating short and long term organization growth goals into actionable items, it's eating the elephant one bite at a time! By setting Key Performance Indicators and objectives with us, you're one step closer to your org's next level!




It all starts with a simple, complimentary no-pressure conversation. This is your chance to ask questions, discuss the specific challenges your organization is facing, and discover how we can make a difference.



Through our collaborative and insightful approach, we'll develop step-by-step, personalized recommendations that align with your goals and resources. This process ensures you feel informed and confident about your organization's journey.



Watch as your organization transforms - with streamlined marketing, optimized resources, and expanding reach. Our goal is to empower you, so the progress you make with us enriches your organization's impact both internally and in the community.

Your questions answered

Common questions

We specialize in bridging your strategic plans with daily operations, growing and diversifying audiences, planning for seasons and events, and crafting efficient marketing budgets. Plus, we’re here for the everyday marketing needs of small and mid-sized arts organizations.

We adjust our costs to match the budgets of arts organizations. Concerned about affordability? Reach out for a free initial consultation, and we can explore grant opportunities to help get you started.

Level 2 Coaching is by far our most popular product.  It starts at $1700/month, and includes strategic marketing plan build-outs, campaign timelines and task management best practices, weekly calls, social media ads management, sales tracking, as well as the ability to adjust strategies in real-time based on what you’re seeing.

Our main focus is on small to mid-sized arts organizations – theaters, galleries, and cultural groups aiming to increase their audience reach and use their resources more effectively. 

We’re deeply rooted in the arts sector. With a team that has firsthand experience in arts organizations, we bring a unique perspective that’s both creative and grounded in practical industry knowledge.

Absolutely! At certain retainer levels, we can manage all your advertising needs, including deadlines, Google grant management, and social media ad campaigns. 

We do! While many of our resources are free, such as workshops and social content, we’ve also worked directly with individual artists on a more personalized basis, often supported by grants. Group sessions are also an option.

We use a range of metrics to assess success, starting with your mental health, are you feeling more focused, a bit lighter, and hopefully less stressed.  Then of course we focus on audience growth, engagement rates, ticket sales, and the overall return on your marketing investment.

Expect enhanced audience engagement, smarter use of your marketing budget, an increase in ticket sales, less stress among your staff, and consistent organizational growth. Not to mention, a friend in your corner.  Your job is hard!

It all begins with understanding you: your challenges, objectives, and what makes your organization unique. From there, we develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Starting is simple: reach out for a complimentary discovery call. We’ll discuss your needs and craft a personalized marketing strategy, followed by ongoing support and strategy adjustments. 

Results can vary, but typically you’ll see positive changes within a few months of implementing our strategies.

While marketing is our main focus, our strategies often complement grant writing and fundraising. We also have connections with industry specialists in grant writing and fundraising, and we’re more than willing to make introductions. 

Yes, we offer workshops and training sessions in various aspects of arts marketing, aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of your team.

Our firm is dedicated to the arts and culture sector. We focus exclusively on this industry and do not offer services outside of it.


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