Shared Services

Our Most Requested Shared Services

Have an arts marketing expert in your corner when you need it. Whether you need copywriting assistance, advertising support, graphic design, or any other variety of marketing needs, we’re available for ongoing monthly or project support.

Create a custom combination of our services to fit your needs and your budget

Digital Advertising

The most requested of our services: planning, running, and tracking the advertisements that are necessary to launch your organization forward. Using the content provided, we have seen our clients' ticket sales greatly increase as our campaigns move forward.

Copy Writing

No, we won't be helping you copyright your work! We will be helping you write the copy for outward facing platforms of your organization: donor presentations, email blasts, website text, social media posts, etc. or connecting you with those in our group who can.

Advanced Research

Now don't groan just yet, but we nerd out about data! The numbers tell the story about your audiences, your ticket buyer behavior, the effectiveness of an advertisement, and tell us how to pivot and improve. We can dig deep to see what data is saying about your org!

Graphic Design

We love the graphic designers on our team! Let us get you moving forward with your updated brand logo, beautiful presentation deck, a logo for your upcoming show, and anything else you can dream up.

Ticket Growth Plan

The most fun part of our job is when we get to read the words "SOLD OUT!" on our clients' shows! We can structure your ticketing so that you are getting paid for your work, filling the house, and leaving people anticipating your next show.

Public Relations

Getting the right word out to the right people can be tricky, so let us connect you with the right worker! The experts in this special area will make sure you are saying what needs to be said.

And so much more…

"Working with Confluence Arts Solutions has taken our marketing efforts to a much higher level with more consistency. Getting guidance and follow through from experts in the non-profit arts field has been an unparalleled experience. We are now able to learn more about our audiences buying preferences, create stronger campaigns, and strategize new ideas. Lynette and Megan are also an absolute joy to work with while using their strong connections in the field to enhance your portfolio. Highly recommend!"

Dionysia, Short North Stage

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