Marketing for Artists



A hands on workshop presented in two sessions designed to help you learn how to tell your story in a compelling way that will help you connect with your customers and sell more art! 

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This workshop is designed for active participation, ensuring you leave with a compelling story, a high-level plan and captured content in hand.

About Your Hosts

Lynette Shy

Lynette is not only the CEO of Confluence Arts Solutions but also an experienced arts marketer, lifelong tap dancer, and former Artistic Director of a performing arts group. In her role as CEO of Confluence Arts Solutions, Lynette dedicates herself to helping small to mid-size arts organizations and artists increase their effectiveness through invaluable support, resources, training, connections, and expert business knowledge.

Jennifer Zmuda

Jennifer Zmuda is an Emmy award-winning director and professional photographer in Columbus, Ohio. Drawing on her national reputation as a dance photographer, Jennifer’s photography services showcase a passion for movement and storytelling that sets her work apart. From corporate video production to upscale wedding photography, her work is backed by an extensive portfolio of high-profile clients across the country. 


Session One

Foundations in Marketing Method

For Artists | 9:30-12:30pm

This session will cover best practices on telling a unique story as an artist, how to capture and craft content that supports and tells your story in an engaging way, and how to find and reach your best consumers. 

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Session Two

Strategy and Implementation of Concepts

For Artists | 1:30 - 4:30pm

This second session is building your strategy off of the foundations you set in session 1. It will help further refine and plot out your next steps as well as teach you additional ways to create photo and video content for your website and social media channels.  

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Ticket Types and cost:

Session 1: Foundations of Marketing Methods 


Session 2: Strategic Implementation of Concepts 


Session 1 & 2: Discounted Rate for Full Day when you purchase both sessions!


Add-on: 30-Min Personal Consultation with Lynette 


Add-on: 30-Min Personal Consultation with Jennifer 


Session 1 and Session 2 both have spots for 30 artists.

This workshop is designed for individual artists looking for guidance on connecting with their audiences to grow their art. Your medium of art can be anything and the concepts are beneficial for beginner to advanced.  Note: This workshop is not designed for arts organizations. If you are part of a group of artists, please contact us to see if this workshop is a good fit for you. If you are part of an arts organization, please see our other courses & workshops to find an offering for your org

While it is not required that participants attend both workshops, you will get the most out of the day if you do. The first session will primarily focus on the foundations of marketing methods and the second session will build on these and focus on the strategic implementation of them. 

It is recommended that you bring your cell phone (session 1), a cell phone or camera if you have one (session 2), a piece of your artwork and something to take notes with – both sessions.

Although no experience in marketing or content creating is necessary for either session of this workshop, a basic knowledge of your favorite social media platform and your cell phone functions are recommended. Session 1 will cover the basics of storytelling, social media, and content capturing. Session 2 will dive deeper into the strategy of those basics. Please select the course that suits your experience best! We recommend signing up for both sessions in order to receive the most well-rounded experience from the day!

To help artists identify their audience and learn how to best market to them. In the first session, we will cover the foundational marketing concepts. In the second session, artists will get a more in-depth hands on experience with implementing these concepts into content creation.  

Unlike traditional lectures, this workshop is designed for active participation, ensuring you leave with a crafted story and captured content in hand. You’ll be taking photos and videos during the workshop, receiving live feedback, and ending with content ready to be shared!  

Yes! Lynette and Jennifer will be providing support throughout the content creation time and there will also be time for peer feedback and  Q&A following the creation time.  

Participants that participate in both sessions will walk away with a lot of knowledge on how to best market their art, some new friends, a basic marketing plan and real content that’s ready to share on social media! 

The team at Confluence Arts Solutions have been where you are right now – artists and arts administrators who have worked with limited time and budgets. Now, our team is working to change all of that. Through years of real experience, we have seen the many sides of success and failure in marketing the arts. Because we understand that marketing the arts is DIFFERENT! We have tried and true methods to help propel you forward.  We believe Art can change the world and we want to be a part of helping you tell that story.

Unfortunately, for this particular workshop you will need to be present.  If you are interested in learning some of these concepts you could join one of our artists group coaching cohorts – these are virtual with our next one beginning in mid-September


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