Customized Coaching

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Customizable Coaching Services

A resource to turn to when you don’t know what to focus on next, our private coaching program gives you access to experts who answer questions, help triage your most pressing needs and develop strategies and techniques to grow efficiently. And with the least amount of stress possible!

Create a custom combination of our services to fit your needs and your budget

Your Structure & Foundation

You’ll get to know your patrons, inside and out, their wants and needs, and how to best talk to them. Here we will explore your goals, your data and your dreams. Together we’ll help you shape key disciplines and create a roadmap that is based on your data and staffing. You’ll have support every step of the way, we will customize it with you and are always there to answer any questions you run into.

Expand Your Audience & Engagement

Once you fully understand your patrons and structure, you’ll dive into expanding your audience and creating measurable results. We’ll help you create consistency and growth, leading to more revenue and taking less time and money to get there.

Delighting & Fulfilling Your Patrons

We’ll help shape your content and together create specific campaigns to delight your patrons and keep them coming back. It costs more money to capture a new audience member than it does to keep the one you have happy. You’ll be provided with tools, concepts, examples and ideas that are based on both our expertise in the industry as well as what your specific patrons are responding to.

Data & Analysis

You will need to be able to quickly analyze the data and adjust accordingly. You’ll need people in your network who have successfully gone through the process before and who can help you pivot if something isn’t working or help you realize the potential of something that is working well.

…and always offering more! 

"Working with Lynette Shy and Confluence Arts has been extremely beneficial for City Ballet of Cleveland. The guidance, suggestions, and feedback offered in each meeting have been invaluable. Lynette and Megan have helped me tranistion into my role as Executive Director of City Ballet of Cleveland with ease and I appreciate the marketing knowledge I have gained working with them."

Heather at City Ballet of Cleveland

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